Luxe Eyelash Lift During Pregnancy

Luxe Eyelash Lift During Pregnancy

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It is quite understandable that pregnant people also want beautifully curved, natural eyelashes. At the same time, especially during this time, one pays special attention to health. Therefore, the question arises: Is eyelash lamination possible during pregnancy?

Every pregnancy is different

We'll say it right away: there is no blanket answer to the question of whether you should perform the Luxe Eyelash Lift during pregnancy. In advanced pregnancy we can assume that the treatment will not harm the fetus. However, if the organs of the unborn child are not yet fully formed, special care should be taken. After all, we work with products such as the eyelash glue in direct contact with the skin. Therefore, we advise every pregnant customer to talk to their doctor about this first. In addition, every pregnancy can be different and every pregnant person can react differently to the massive hormonal changes.


The role of hormones in the Luxe Eyelash Lift during pregnancy.


Just as during menstruation and menopause, hormones can really go crazy during pregnancy. Approximately from the second half of pregnancy, estrogen levels rise sharply. As a result, the eyelashes become fuller and longer, as the growth of the eyelashes is increased. This also automatically lengthens the eyelash cycle. This means that fewer eyelashes fall out. At first, this sounds great and promising for a beautiful result of the Luxe Eyelash Lift. However, there can still be fluctuations in the hormone balance, so that suddenly increased eyelashes fall out and thus the result of the Eyelash Lift disappears.

For this reason, the result is not predictable due to the changed hormonal balance. Eyelash Lift during pregnancy may have no effect at all. It is also possible that it works great as usual or that the result disappears after two days - or only after 10 weeks.