Luxe Lashlift Set mistakes: touch up curled or severely curled lashes

Luxe Lashlift Set mistakes: touch up curled or severely curled lashes

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If the lashes look curly because they are curled at the tips, you have unfortunately achieved exactly the opposite of your actual goal with this Luxe Eyelash Lift mistake: the lashes now look even shorter than before. You are now disappointed and dissatisfied, because now you can no longer use mascara on the lashes. How could this happen? What can you do now? You can find the answers here:


The silicone pad was too small

The right size of the silicone pad is very important to avoid eyelash lifting mistakes. Only if you have chosen the right size, you can achieve a great wow effect.

However, if you choose a silicone pad size that is too small, the lashes may look curled and the curl in the lashes will look unnatural.

Of course, the curl in the lashes depends on your choice of silicone pad size. Curved silicone pads give more curl in the lashes, but swallow a bit in length. Flat silicone pads, on the other hand, visually give more length in the lashes. This fits well if you have rather short lashes and want to have an open look.

Everyone is individual and has lashes of different lengths and densities, as well as different lash structures. In order to be able to select the right silicone pad size for each type of lash, your supply should be well stocked.


The exposure time for the lotions was too long

It is very important to choose the right exposure time for the respective type of lashes. As we have already mentioned, we all have different eyelash structures and accordingly require different exposure times. [The exposure time depends on the structure and texture of the eyelashes. Here, please always follow the manufacturer's instructions and the room temperature. The manufacturer's instructions for the exposure time of the lotions refer to a room temperature of approximately 21-25 °C].


The lotions were not distributed properly

Another cause of curled lashes can be that you applied the lotions completely to the lashes - from roots to tips - and did not make sure to leave a gap of at least 1 mm to the roots. This can cause the lashes to end up looking not only curled, but the tips of the lashes will be damaged and dry.


This is how you can touch up severely curled lashes

In this case, you'd better not do another eyelash lift. Because the eyelashes are broken and can not be dyed either. The color dries out the eyelashes a bit. Instead, use microbrushes and lotions to straighten individual lashes.

This is how we did it: with 2 microbrushes and some Lifting Cream, the first lotion, we straightened the individual lashes and from both sides, i.e. with a microbrush from below and a second one from above. In this way, we carefully straightened the lashes from both sides to straighten them again. We repeated this 7 to 10 times.

So take 5 to 7 lashes at a time and straighten them, using Microbrushes and Lifting Cream to straighten them 7 to 10 times. Then leave the lotion on for about 1 to 2 minutes. Then comb the lashes with the lash brush from top to bottom to get the first lotion out. Then clean the lashes from both sides with two dry cotton swabs. Repeat until you have straightened all the lashes.