3 Simple tips on how to extend the life of your Luxe Lash Glue

3 Simple tips on how to extend the life of your Luxe Lash Glue

Tip 1: Clean the ahesive with alcohol

After each treatment, it is very important to clean the opening and the brush of the eyelash lift glue with alcohol (e.g. skin disinfectant). To do this, simply spray a little alcohol onto a cosmetic tissue and wipe the opening and brush of the adhesive with it. In this way, you remove the residues that inevitably arise when working with the eyelash lift adhesive. This allows the glue to be closed again without any problems, without air penetrating, which would then lead to drying out.

Tip 2: Hot water against thick glue

Even if you always apply the 1st tip when you have completed a Lash Lifting treatment, the glue will still become thick over time. A few drops of hot water will help with that. Simply drip them into the glue and shake it once vigorously. Make sure, however, that you only use very few drops. The eyelash lift glue is water soluble. That's why this trick works so well if it has become too thick. But if you use too much water, it won't stick anymore. You can repeat this tip every 2-3 treatments.

Tip 3: Always keep the glue in the package

The eyelash lift glue should always be stored in a dark and cool place. For example, sunlight can cause the glue to dry out quickly.

This sounds very simple, but in fact I used to throw away the packaging of the glue immediately after opening it. Shortly thereafter, I was then annoyed every time that the glue dries out so quickly and I had to buy a new one again.