How to prevent lashes from coming off after the first lotion

How to prevent lashes from coming off after the first lotion

Tip 1: Avoid too much pressure

Too much pressure can cause the lashes to detach from the silicone pad again after applying the first lotion. Therefore, distribute all lotions with light dabbing movements. The eyelash lifting glue is water-soluble, so it dissolves quickly if you press too hard on the eyelashes with the lotions. As a result, the lashes will detach from the silicone pad again.

Tip 2: Don't use too much lotion

One reason for the lashes coming loose can also be that you used too much of the first lotion. It must be distributed so that the lashes are evenly covered.

Many spread the lotions with a brush or use microbrushes. I resort to a rather unconventional tool: a toothpick. This makes the dabbing movements easier than with microbrushes - especially when you're just starting out.


Tip 3: First-aid measures – If it does happen

Of course, all these tips won't help you if the lashes do come off the silicone pad. Maybe the pressure when spreading the lotion was too high or you used too much lotion or the glue was not good anymore. Here comes my first aid measure: Take an eyelash tool or tweezers and pull the lashes up with the flat side.