Luxe Lashlift Set: applying silicone eye pads correctly

Luxe Lashlift Set: applying silicone eye pads correctly

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Do you know this too? You stick on the silicone eye pads for eyelash lifting, but they just won't hold. They keep slipping off or bulges form in the pads. However, putting on the silicone eye pads correctly is very important for a beautiful Luxe Eyelash Lift result. Therefore, in this blog post we will give you some valuable tips for the correct application of the silicone eye pads.


How to apply the silicone eye pads to the lower lash line

So that the lower lashes are not suddenly bent upwards after the eyelash lift, we still tape the lower lash line with silicone eye pads. These silicone pads are hypoallergenic, so they prevent burning on the eyes. They are nice and thin, so you can fit them perfectly to your lower lash line.

To apply the eye pads to the lashes, first remove the protective film. So that you can stick the pads well to the eye without them sticking out strangely or forming bulges, roll the sticky layer inwards a little with your fingers.

In the next step, open your eyes and look slightly upwards. Hold the eye pad on both sides and place it on the lower lash line. By gently pulling down on the eyelid with your middle or ring finger, you can place the pad starting from the nose all over the lash line.

To check if the pad fits the eye well, gently pull the eyelid upwards to see if the pad cuts into the eye.

Repeat the same on the other eye. Check once again that the lower lashes are well attached and that no small lashes are sticking out at the inner or outer corner. To do this, pull the eyelid slightly upwards again. If a few lashes do peek out of the eye pad, you can hide them again under the pad with the microbrush. Later, when you fix the eyelashes on the silicone pad, you can also separate them slightly with the eyelash tool and pull them down.