The 5 worst Luxe Lashlift Set mistakes

The 5 worst Luxe Lashlift Set mistakes

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Mistake #1: Choosing the wrong pad size

The first fatal mistake in eyelash lifting often happens when choosing a silicone pad.

If you choose the silicone pad either too small or too big, it can lead to different problems during the eyelash lift. Either the eyelashes have no curl after the eyelash lift or they curl inwards. If the silicone pad is too big, the eyelashes cannot get any curl and they stand straight out. If the silicone pad is too small, it appears that the lashes are curled inward. This does not look good and will not provide you with the wow effect. We have already explained how to choose the right size for the silicone pad in a blog article that you can read here.

Basically, we distinguish between flat silicone pads and curved silicone pads. The flat silicone pads lift the lashes already at the root. These silicone pads are suitable for shorter lashes and up to medium length, as they visually lengthen them and "open" the look of you. Curved silicone pads achieve more curl when lifting eyelashes. Standard silicone pads come in five different sizes: S, M, M1, M2 and L.
S and M belong to the flat silicone pads and lead to an optical lengthening of the eyelashes. The silicone pad size M2 and L belong to the curved silicone pads and gives the eyelashes a beautiful curl.

Therefore, it is important to choose the right silicone pad size when Luxe Eyelash Lifting. Once you have done that, place the silicone pad as close to the lash line as possible and use an eyelash tool to pull all the lashes onto the pad. The lashes must cover 3⁄4 of the silicone pad.


Mistake #2: Eyelashes not lifted in the inner corner

The second mistake usually happens when fixing the lashes on the silicone pad. People often overlook the lashes at the inner corner of the eye, especially blond or light-haired women, and do not fix them on the silicone pad. Just if the eyelashes are colored after the eyelash lift, it looks after the treatment as if the eyelashes at the inner corner of the eye are missing.

To make sure that you have fixed all the eyelashes on the silicone pad, pull the eyelid a little higher to check whether you have also fixed all the eyelashes in the inner corner. Accuracy is required here, because especially blond, fine eyelashes can easily be overlooked.


Mistake #3: Preparations not evenly distributed on the eyelashes

For optimal curl and wow effect, lotions used in lash lifting must be applied evenly and at least 1 millimeter away from the root base, straight in dabbing motions. Don't skimp on the lotion. If the lotion is applied unevenly, the result will also vary after the application time, as less or more lotion has acted on the lash structure during the application time. The result is unevenly curved lashes and some lashes will even sag because they have not had enough exposure time.

Therefore, it is very important to apply the lotion evenly when lifting the eyelashes.

If you don't do that, the result won't be even either.

Mistake #4: Not monitoring the exposure time of the lotions

We have seen clients reading the newspaper during the application time. This is a fatal mistake, because the effect of the lotion should be constantly monitored during the application time.

If the lotion stays on the eyelashes too much for too long, it can hurt your eyelashes, for example.

If the exposure time is too short, the effect will not last or even worse - may not be seen at all. Many factors can be responsible for this: The lotions have lost their effect. Or there is too much glue on the eyelashes, which is the most common reason. Even then, the lotions need a little longer to penetrate through the adhesive layer. Alternatively, the room temperature may have affected the application time. If the room is too cold, this can extend the exposure time.

In short, you should always keep an eye on the preparations and constantly monitor the progress of the eyelash lift. The information from your analysis at the beginning are only clues that you can rely on to choose an exposure time approximately.


Mistake #5: Eyelashes not properly cleaned of color residues

Far too often it happens that clients finish the Luxe Eyelash Lift treatment with stuck lashes. The reason for this is the insufficient cleaning of the eyelashes after the eyelash lift. Especially between the eyelashes like to hide color and glue residues. This can lead to fatal consequences. Because you are encouraged not to wash the eye area for 24 hours. If residues of the eyelash lift remain stuck in the eyes, they can get into the eye and cause itching, burning or allergic reactions.

Therefore, it is important to clean the eyes thoroughly with an eyelash brush and comb out all remnants. It is also worth using microbrushes to clean the spaces between the lashes.

Lashes need to be dry, clean and well separated before you're done with your treatment. No fly legs or stuck lashes. Otherwise, you might grab your eye carelessly and residue will get into your eye and cause damage.

The more precisely you comb out and clean the lashes, the greater the wow effect for you.

In addition, these care tips are very important for you:

In the first 24 hours, it is important to avoid contact with vapors, creams and moisture.
Do not look into the steam when cooking! Waterproof mascara should also not be used, as it attacks the lamination. A pH neutral eye make-up remover or even better, a special eyelash shampoo are the best care for eyelashes after eyelash lifting, so that the protective layer lasts longer. After the eyelash lift, the eyelashes should be treated daily with a vitamin serum.