Possible allergic reactions during Luxe Lashlift Set

Possible allergic reactions during Luxe Lashlift Set

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How can you recognize allergic reactions during Luxe Lashlift Set?

An allergy is a hypersensitivity of the immune system to stimuli with which most people have no problems with. The longer you are exposed to this allergen, the stronger and more noticeable the reaction will be. If you are allergic to the Luxe Lashlift Set, you may experience swelling, redness, irritation and/or itching.

Here's how you perform the allergy test:

By performing an allergy test, you can ensure that the Luxe Lashlift Set will not cause an allergic reactions. Ideally, you should carry out the allergy test 48 to 72 hours before the treatment. During this test, you apply individual agents to the skin, e.g. on the forearm or behind the ear. Then tape the area with a band-aid. You should carry out the allergy test for all ingredients that are used during the treatment: Glue, all lotions, all serums, eyelash and eyebrow color and oxidant. If the allergy test is positive, treatment with these products is not possible.

After the treatment: You should pay attention to this.

After applying the third lotion, it is very important to clean the skin around the eyes and eyebrows with water. The eyelashes must be free of color. Carefully comb out the eyelashes with the eyelash brush. To do this, comb the lashes apart and comb out the color and remnants of the third lotion. You also comb through the eyebrows with the eyelash brush. Everything must be clean, because color residues, as well as the remains of the third lotion, which have dried on the eyelashes, can later cause an allergic reaction. The same goes for the eyebrows. Since you should not wash your eyes for 24 hours, your eyelashes must not be stuck together.