Help, Luxe Eyebrow Lifting Lasts Only A Few Days

Help, Luxe Eyebrow Lifting Lasts Only A Few Days

Incorrect exposure times damage the eyebrow hairs

If the eyebrows curl or wave a few days after the Luxe Eyebrow Lift, it is 100% an indicator that the hairs have been damaged. This happens when the exposure time is too high. Some brow lift stylists think that all you have to do is spread the lotions and wait. They strictly follow the manufacturer's instructions on the packaging. However, one should not sit back during the treatment, but should always check in between whether the lotions have already done their job. In addition, the manufacturer's instructions can only ever be an approximate exposure time. Because how long the lotions should actually remain on the hairs depends on how the eyebrows of the respective customer are.

A detailed analysis should always precede every treatment. To do this, take a close look at the condition of the hairs. Do you have thin, fine eyebrow hairs or thick, bristly ones? Fine hairs need a shorter application time than thicker ones. In which direction do the hairs grow? What is the condition of the skin? Are there any pimples or injuries? In this case, you should not do a Luxe Eyebrow Lift treatment because the lotions could be painful.

Comb the eyebrows upwards at the right angle

If you comb your eyebrows all the way up at 90 degrees, the hairs in the root area will break off. You may know this if you wear your hair in a too tight braid all day. Even then, this can cause pain in the root area. So always make sure you choose an angle of about 60 degrees and work with the direction of growth.

Vitamins for the eyebrow hairs

At the end of the Luxe Eyebrow Lift treatment, the eyebrows are happy to receive a final treatment. The Luxe Eyebrow Serum is very suitable for this, as it is enriched with numerous valuable minerals. In addition, the Luxe Eyebrow Serum nourishes the eyebrow hairs as a keratin lamination and closes the structure that was opened during the treatment. This not only nourishes the hairs, but also protects them from harmful external influences and strengthens them.